HiFi Hawaii and Transparent
Transparent cables represent what is possible in high-end music cable engineering.
Audio cables should be transparent in your audio/video system and that is exactly what Transparent achieves.
Since its founding in 1980, Transparent Audio has been in a continual state of refinement, seeking not only to make our well-known products better and better with each generation, but also to create entirely new products that serve the needs of our customers.

Cable technology has evolved on exponential levels since the early 1980s and Transparent continues to be an industry leader and gold standard reference for many audiophile and videophiles worldwide.

In 1993 Transparent begins to design, distribute, and manufacture Transparent Cables starting with a complete audio cable line up with the Ultra Series as the flagship product. Current product suites include the High Performance Series, Premium Series, Reference Series and the mighty OPUS Series.

Engineering high performance cables is as much of an art as it is a science. There are factors that cannot be explained by simple mathematics. If you want to truly appreciate what Transparent Cables can do for your system come to HiFi Hawaii for a critical listening session.

Your audio video system is only as good as its weakest link. Transparent offers reference grade Analog Audio Cables, Digital Audio Cables, Power Cables and Power Conditioners.

Contact HiFi Hawaii for a personal audition.