Sonus Faber

Sonus Faber

HiFi Hawaii representing Sonus faber,
Take a moment to learn about the hand-crafted Italian designers history so you may Experience music in its true from.
Their heritage began in 1982 from one of the most ingenious audio speaker projects of its time, the Snail Project. ‘Leonardoesque design’
On March 25, 1983 Sonus faber becomes a company offering limited production of the different versions/evolutions of Parva speaker. Production began from a small workshop in Monteviale located in the hills to the north of Vicenza, a place of work and small artisan production, but also a first point of reference for lovers of high fidelity.

After Minima (1984), Electa (1986) and Electa Amator (1987), Extrema (1991) was born, one of the highest technological and musical expressions of dynamic speakers of the time. Moving in time to 1993 Guarneri Homage was created through meticulous study of the great violin makers of Cremona. The world famous lute shape of this reference level audio speaker is still coveted today. From 1993 to present, Sonus Faber has created an extensive line of world class audio speakers that each have a unique set of attributes including the popular Olympica and Venere lines. Enter the new Flagship Aida, experience newly engineered perfection.

The values that were already materialized in Amati futura and Guarneri evolution find fulfilment in Aida, the latest flagship of Sonus faber, characterised by the reinterpretation of the Lyre form and an expression of the work of the Sonus faber Team, able to reveal how the company has evolved whilst keeping its original spirit intact and synthesising ‘mature tradition’ with ‘technological innovation’.

Reference audio speakers of this magnitude require a personal audition. HiFi Hawaii represents Sonus faber at the highest level and has on display a complete suite of speakers for you to experience including the infamous Aida.

Contact Shane Drew for a personal audition and education on Sonus faber.