REL Acoustics

REL Acoustics

HiFi Hawaii and REL Acoustics
A REL is a SYSTEM, hence the term Sub-Bass System. “What makes a REL a REL?”
The answer is simple, but not easy. At REL they approach each music and theater reproduction issue afresh and always ask “What is the optimal way to effect the desired result?”
REL Acoustics, Ltd. of Bridgend, Wales was founded in 1990 by Richard Edmund Lord. Dissatisfied by the commercially available subwoofers of the day, Lord set out to build Himself something better. Almost immediately, word spread of a Welshman who had built this incredible sounding sub bass system and soon enough audiophiles began searching out these legendary subs that were built like no other.

Lord began referring to them as sub bass systems, because the performance he had been able to achieve was the result of system engineering. Where common subwoofers rely on amplifying a line level signal, Lord had intuitively realized that the signature of the entire system had to be built forward into a pre-conditioning signal that allowed the sub to disappear into the music. Thus, from almost the very beginning RELs used a special high-level circuit. Many of the basic elements present in modern day RELs began finding their way into production RELs in the later 1990’s

For pure fidelity to be realized, every part of every note in the music must be reproduced, along with the acoustic signature of the recording space.

REL sub-bass systems can be “tuned” to your system and room, whatever your system’s capabilities and listening room size. This is of enormous benefit, particularly if like many others, your listening room is not perfect. The REL can be positioned to pressurize your listening room below its lowest eigentone and ensure that those previously missing or masked frequencies are heard cleanly and clearly, no false emphasis or boom – you control its sound in your system. We are often asked: “Are two subs better than one?” Two subs will help iron out the usual room response undulations. Dynamic range is doubled and an even tighter and more controlled bass results. Two separated bass sources help achieve these subtle improvements.

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