HiFi Hawaii and McIntosh
We think of it as a passionate, synergistic alliance.
McIntosh is considered America’s most respected producer of hi-fi components and systems.
At HiFi Hawaii we don’t sell audio systems, we sell the living experience that life style systems create. McIntosh has spent a lifetime creating just that.

For McIntosh it all began in the late 1940s in a post WWII fragile economy. Binghamton businessman, Frank McIntosh, began what was soon to be a large piece of American history with the aid of several key business partners including famous audio engineer Sidney Corderman. FM radio was big, TV was new.

Over the decades, McIntosh has seen many changes within it’s product line and within the company itself. Despite change the company has remained true to form and at no point in time lost focus on it’s true passion.

“for the love of music…”
to quote Ken Kessler.

Charlie Randall
Current leadership is driven by Charlie Randall in conjunction the Fine Sounds Group.

Fine Sounds has acquired several of the most elite brands in hifi including; McIntosh, Sonus Faber, Audio Research, REL, Wadia & Sumiko to form an unstoppable conglomerate of the top minds in the industry.

HiFi Hawaii has a vision similar to McIntosh which explains our long term alliance. Contact Shane Drew at HiFi Hawaii for a personal audio.