Hi Fidelity Definition
the reproduction of an effect {as sound or an image} that is very faithful to the original.
HiFi Hawaii Storefront
Welcome to HiFi Hawaii's NEW Experience Center in downtown Honolulu.

HiFi Hawaii and Fine Sounds along with other select elite manufacturers have joined forces to create one of the finest high-end audio stores in the country. However, we are NOT just a store, we're an EXPERIENCE CENTER, the first of it's kind in the United States. We would be honored to give you a personal tour. High end audio and elite home cinema at its finest!

A quote from TONEAudio Magazine…

"Just a few blocks from Honolulu’s Chinatown, is a true audio oasis; HiFi Hawaii. Taking up just over 4,000 square feet, their multiple show rooms are a tribute to all aspects of music and video reproduction. Owner Shane Drew takes the approach that you have to have the gear on the floor to generate interest. He says with his trademark grin, “I built the hifi store I wanted to hang out in.,” and the closer you investigate the store, it’s really more like a playhouse than an audio showroom.”

Jeff Dorgay
Publisher, TONEAudio Magazine